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Welcome to our section on the Best Online Casino Sites in Canada. Looking to find the very best real money online casino site in Canada? You’re in the right place. The sites on this page are the safest and most popular and fun online casinos, which have been gathered by our experienced staff who have used these sites first hand for years.

During all those years in which we have played numerous online casinos, we came across many undecent and thieving sites. Our primary goal on this site is to bring our readers with only respectable and honest sites. To do so, we conducted thorough research of each site to make sure they provide the very best experience for you.

Best Online Casino Sites of 2018

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Why Use Our Recommendations?

Here at TopCasinos.Review, we make it a top priority to keep our viewers’ best interest in mind. We do this by ensuring that all the online gambling sites we recommend are of the highest quality, with secure deposit and withdrawal systems, the best and most user-friendly interfaces, and more. Many online gambling sites accept Canadian players. Some are better than others, but for us, only the best make it to the top rated list.

How We Make Our Selection


Ensuring our readers’ safety is our highest priority when choosing the sites we recommend. All the sites recommended are paying on time, and fully regulated.


We recommend only casino sites with high reputation, that for many years keep thousands of players happy.


All recommendations on this site are the result of many hours spent using a number of variables to discover the best sites on which to play!

Choose carefully where to gamble

Real Money Online Casino sites that are physically located in Canada are not too common, but many offshore sites accommodate Canadian players. However, not all of these sites are the types of sites in which one would want to play. There are many rogue online casinos, so be aware. Obviously, you wish to win real money in online casino sites which have high-quality gaming, excellent customer service, good value for your money and, for the most important part, these sites have to be safe. So, take your time to check where to play – do not be tempted to sites that accept Canadian players and doesn't offer anything more.

Online Gambling legality in Canada

The reason why not all online casino sites accommodate Canadian players with the option to win real money, is that even though there are laws regarding this matter, they are not very clear about whether it’s legal or not legal to play in Canada. One thing we can guarantee, there are people, and many of them, who live in Canada and gamble online. We guarantee it is possible and, even, when finding the right sites, pretty easy. For those of you who do not like to take things with negligence, we recommend you research more about this and figure it out completely.

Pay And Get Paid

The online gambling world is very extensive in the methods they are willing to accept money. While some accept more methods and some less, all major online gambling sites will accept several ways to perform these transactions. For Canadian players, deposits and withdrawals are similar to those of players in other parts of the world. Currently, the easiest way to do so in the majority of online gambling sites in Canada is via Visa Credit, Debit, or prepaid cards that are approved for international purposes. While not typically accepted on most sites, MasterCard is accepted by some. Other options are Western Union, bitcoin or personal checks. Read more about money related issues in our 5 steps guide to online gambling HERE